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It the mission of SoulAwakeningSA to find resources and connections that open our Awareness and ignite our Awakening. 
Based in the Southern Hemisphere it seems appropriate to build these connections from this point and then outward. 
It makes me think of helping to stabilize the torus field from this side of the earth. 

​​There is a great deal of Connecting being done in the Northern Hemisphere and it seems to me that we are out of balance.  The picture that comes to mind is that the flow of High Energy needs to be strong in both fields so that we can expand and transform with Grace and Love.

PictureTorus field connecting above and below

In all the ways that stir within the Soul we are beginning to feel the need for change and as this happens it is our deepest privilege to hold one another in Love as we allow for the new and expanded thinking to come into this realm.  I reach out to you to speak your Truth and align with your Authentic Self.

We are alive at a pivotal time of immense transformation